We are committed to quality

We serve customers in every industry and provide solutions in all domains of application. Accordingly, we not only supply high-tech gears starting at quality 2, but we also carry low-tech gears in our product portfolio.

We are able to supply 12 different grades of gear quality, each of them manufactured differently, with quality 1 being the finest and DIN quality 12 being the coarsest level of gear quality.

Quality 1 to 3: measuring gear wheels and master gears

Quality 4 to 12: utility gears. For example:

  • marine and turbine transmissions, quality 4 to 6
  • heavy engineering, quality 6 to 7
  • materials handling, quality 6 to 8
  • open intermediate gears, quality 9 to 12

Every appliance demands its own documented profile, which we will be glad to develop together with you.

Fundamentally, every form of inspection is possible:

  • initial sample testing
  • factory certification
    • with approval by classification society of your choice
    • with approval by an expert of your choice
  • double flank gear rolling inspection
  • customized documentation
    • 100% documentation
    • only functional dimensions
    • in compliance with DIN ISO
  • gearing protocols
  • hardness certification
    • effective hardening depth
    • nitriding hardness depth
    • surface layer hardening depth
    • surface hardness
    • micro grinding
    • structural testing
    • furnace waveforms
  • ultrasonic testing
  • testing for overheating when grinding
  • magnetic flaw detection
  • destructive testing
    • notch impact test
    • tensile test
    • destruction of one part per lot
  • and much more

However, every invoiced item entails costs and therefore has to be included in the calculation and quotation of the respective prices per unit. Our well thought-out quality management system was designed specifically to meet our customers’ diverse requirements.

Please contact us. Our standardized package might be sufficient to meet your individual needs.